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Studio 2+1 *** - Object code 2/2 - Lokva Rogoznica

AP Ankica, Lokva RogoznicaAP Ankica, Lokva RogoznicaAP Ankica, Lokva RogoznicaAP Ankica, Lokva RogoznicaAP Ankica, Lokva RogoznicaAP Ankica, Lokva Rogoznica

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Besides crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, Lokva Rogoznica is overgrown with pine trees on the beaches can always find shade. In the Lok you Rogoznica and the nearby picturesque places you can spend a pleasant holiday with clear water and the number of active vacation options.

Studio 2+1 - double bed and extra bed, within which there is a kitchen, toilet, shower, balcony;

AP 1/4 - two sleeping rooms, a kitchen, toilet, shower tub, balcony. Parking place available. All apartments are air-conditioned.


16.06.-23.06.2018.    7 = 4

23.06.-30.06.2018.    7 = 5

30.06.-07.07.2018.    7 = 6

18.08.-25.08.2018.    7 = 6

25.08.-01.09.2018.    7 = 5

01.09.-08.09.2018.    7 = 4


Discount for early booking

(Does not apply to offer FIRST MMINUTE/LAST MINUTE)

Until 01.05.2018.  5% discount on the price

Payment until 15.05.2018.

Half board  -  15,00 € per person daily

The possibility of additional charges for half board

Lokva Rogoznica

Lokva Rogoznica is part of  Omis Riviera, located 7 km from Omiš, 25 km from Makarska and 30 km from Split. It is written that the seven noble families with their servants, settled around 1230 year because of the 1235th The community there is a statute of Rogoznica. The book says that the country received a prize from the Hungarian king Bela IV. Lokva Rogoznica inhabitants were in the old days raised cattle, fishing, agriculture, especially wine, where forming the Croatian wine-growing cooperative, worldwide sales of its Lokva Rogoznica wine.

Passage of the Adriatic highway 1966th year Lokvari began to descend towards the sea and the resorts have emerged: Ruskamen Obriž, Vojskovo, Plan a war and Ivašnjak, and the old village of Pool becomes a picnic. Because of its rich past can be seen of past and present, and, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint. Cosmas and Damian in the 16th st. and on top of Dinara St. Vid from 13-14. st. Until the church is decorated pedestrian path, which is ideal for all ages climbing. It is situated at 639m above sea level, extends the wonderful views of the islands and the peninsula from the south, and mountains from the north.

Along the coast stretch of beautiful sandy beaches. You can find Ruskamen hotel, apartments, camps, inns, celler bars, shops and tourist info center and other facilities that will provide you and your family holiday with very friendly hosts.

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Sezona 01.06. - - - - - - - 30.09.
STUDIO 2+1 37.0048.0063.0066.0056.0040.0031.00

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