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Dalmacija, Hrvatska
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Studio 2 *** - Object code 4/4 - Mimice

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The authenticity of Dalmatia, a large sandy beach, shallow sea and the hospitality of the locals provide the right atmosphere for your true home. The studio is situated near the beach šljančane.

Studio 2 - bedroom with double bed, kitchen, toilet, shower, balcony.


Mimice a typical Mediterranean town with mild climate, situated in the central Adriatic coast, just 15 kilometers away from the town of Omis. It stretches from the mountain on one side and sandy beaches.

Place writes its history for more than three centuries testifying about monuments in the old part of town near the church.
Here you can find expensive hotels but you'll find houses with well-equipped apartments situated largely below the road that divides the place in the historical old and new parts.

Here you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea on the long sandy beaches, in the local healthy food, safe drinking water in local wines, brandy and olive oil.