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Dalmacija, Hrvatska
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AP 1/4 *** - Object code 12/18 - Pisak

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AP 1/4 - two sleeping rooms, a kitchen, toilet, shower tub, balcony. Possibility for two extra beds.


Pisak is a small village located along the coast, just 5 km from Brela. It is well known for its sandy, gravelly and rocky beaches. You can enjoy clean water, fresh air and unspoiled nature away from city crowds.

If an active vacation try surfing, sailing, diving and rafting and kayaking on the river Cetina. Restaurants and taverns offering local specialties, Mediterranean atmosphere and a homely atmosphere. Be sure to visit Vrulje, the source of cold drinking water which provides a breathtaking view of nearby islands.

The sea is clean, and on this site there are large and long beaches, well-maintained and clean. Here you can enjoy Dalmatian specialties.