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Dalmacija, Hrvatska
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AP 1/4 *** - Object code 30/43 - Omiš

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The apartment is located on the west side of Omis.AP 1 / 4 - two bedrooms, kitchen, toilet, shower.


Omis is a picturesque town with a true Mediterranean atmosphere situated at the mouth of the river Cetina. It is a city of Dalmatian Harmony Singing Festival in the heart of Dalmatia, between the tourist centers of Split and Makarska, who after the tumultuous and fascinating history from ancient times and medieval impregnable fortress of Omis pirates, became a tourist resort Riviera exceptional beauty.
Find Your accommodation in apartments in Omis riviera, Omis.

A variety of cultural monuments glorious and long history of Omis, numerous restaurants, sports and other facilities make room with a magnificent Cetina river unforgettable. At this point the picturesque mountain range in the vicinity of the town on its way to the sea, and a mile long sandy beach make this part of the Adriatic coast unique and incomparable.

Omis city because of its unique position, surrounded by steep cliffs, the river Cetina and the sea gives impressive landscape and eco-tourism in rural households and sports like rafting on the rapids of the River, free climbing on the nearby cliffs, surfing, swimming marathon and beach volleyball have become attractive part of the tourism offer.

Small fishing villages, preserved in their original form, while enriched with excellently equipped private houses, villas and apartments are so close and yet so far away from the aggressive pace of modern life and tourist industry.
Secluded bays where you can always find out "their" beautiful pebble beach and find "your" car camping at the sea in about thirty kilometers Riviera await you.